Harry Potter Studio Tour in London – Guide & Review

Heading to London to visit the WB Studios – Harry Potter Tour? There are a few things you should know before you go, plus I share my thoughts on the tour and if it’s worth a visit.

Know Before You Go

• Tickets must be purchased in advance. Plan on getting your ticket AT LEAST one month in advance of your trip because they commonly sell out weeks ahead of time.

• Anyone under 16 has to be accompanied by an adult.

• Hours vary slightly throughout the year, but expect typical opening times to be regular business hours except during the summer months where it can be open later. Last tours are usually allowed in 3.5 hours ahead of closing time & entry is not allowed after that time.

• WB Studios is located approximately 20 miles from the London Euston Station (near Kings Cross Station) in central London. You can take an Uber, train, or bus to get there. Typical travel time for us was about 35-40 minutes via Uber from the London Eye/Westminster Abbey area (costs about $50 each way however). A train from the Euston station to Watford Junction is about 20-22 minutes, plus an additional 15 minutes by bus or car. Oyster cards are valid for this train journey. If you choose to use the bus/shuttle from the Watford Junction metro stop to WB Studios, it is an additional £ 3 ($3.78 USD) & they only accept cash. You will need your WB Studios ticket to use this service. This shuttle runs about every 20 minutes.

• The average estimated visit lasts about 3.5 hours, but I would allot more time than this if you can – especially if you’re a huge fan.

• Certain times of the year have seasonal extras in the studio tour. For instance, around Halloween, the Dark Arts may be the feature for the season where pumpkins will decorate the Great Hall & Diagon Alley is transformed into a spookier area. Around Christmas, the Great Hall is transformed for the Yule Ball & snow covers the Hogwarts model. Other times of the year may include a TriWizard feature, a Gringotts feature, etc.

Guests with Disabilities

• Registered guide dogs/hearing dogs/medical alert dogs are allowed with formal documentation. You may ask staff for a water bowl for your dog as well.

• The Studio Tour is wheelchair accessible. Some areas may have a bit of an uneven surface (ie. cobbled stones in Diagon Alley). One area, the Hogwarts bridge (located in the outdoor studio area), has steps and is the only thing not wheelchair accessible.

• British Sign Language (BSL) tours are provided at no extra cost to those who are deaf or hard of hearing. It is requested that you contact the Visitor Services Team (#0345 084 0900) at least 14 days prior to your visit to coordinate this service.

• Strobe lights are present in the Forbidden Forest area.

Extra Important Info

• Wifi is available at no charge.

• Have your phone charged and/or your camera batteries full! You will take LOTS of pictures and videos. Portable phone chargers are available at the information desk for £ 15 ($18.89 USD).

• Coats, bags, & gift shop purchases may be left in the ‘cloakroom’ free of charge during your visit. Food may not be stored in this room however.

• Baby changing facilities are available. A private nursing room is also available next to the Backlot Cafe.

• Once admitted into the tour, you will not be able to exit until the end. Re-entry is not allowed.

Ticket Prices/Packages

As of 2019, the current prices are as follows:

• Adult – £ 45 ($56.67 USD)

• Child (ages 5-15) – £ 37 ($46.60 USD)

• Children 4 & Under – FREE

• Adult Complete Studio Tour Package* – £ 54.95 ($69.20 USD)

• Child Complete Studio Tour Package* – £ 46.95 ($59.13 USD)

• Carer – FREE with booking at #0345 084 0900

*Adult & Child Packages include one studio tour ticket, digital guide, and paperback souvenir guidebook (savings of £ 4.95 or $6.23 USD).

You can book your ticket with WB Studios online here.

Parting Words & Review

If you are a Harry Potter fan, this is a MUST SEE. If you want to take everything in, I would recommend allowing yourself at least 5 hours of exploration here by getting an earlier ticket time. Once you are in the tour, you can stay as long as you would like (until closing of course). Speaking of tour, this is not a guided tour. Upon entering, you will have a guide walk you into the entrance of the Great Hall and go over some interesting facts about the set (roughly 15-20 minutes total). After that, you are free to wander around and explore.

About halfway through the tour is a cafe for you to purchase food & drinks from. Gluten free, vegan, & vegetarian options are available. You can view the Backlot Cafe menu here. You are allowed to bring your own food as well. You will get a nice view of the outdoor lot from the dining area, which includes views of the Dursley’s home, the Knight Bus, and more. After exploring the outdoor lot, there will be more indoor areas which showcase various props, artwork, and a very special surprise at the end. After the tour, there is a large gift shop with all kinds of merchandise available.

All in all, this tour is definitely worth going to! The beginning of the tour was a tiny bit crowded, understandably, but once we started exploring, it was large enough to offset this & we never felt inconvenienced or crowded. We ate at the Backlot Cafe, which serves a variety of foods with some traditional theme park type food included. Staff are very friendly and available throughout if you need assistance. One staff member even saw us trying to take a picture in Diagon Alley and stepped in so we could get a picture of both of us together. I really appreciated that! This tour was one of the best ones I’ve ever been to & I really enjoyed seeing some behind-the-scenes ‘movie magic’ too.

If you have any questions about the tour, leave a comment below so we can answer them. Have fun!

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