Walt Disney World’s Epcot – ‘Eat & Drink Around The World’ Challenge & Review

Planning a trip to Epcot to eat & drink around the world? Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned pro looking to try something new, we have samples from each Epcot pavilion where we feature the ingredients, cost, and our review. Also, we always travel from Canada to Mexico – do you start the opposite way? Curious to know!

Rating System Key: 1-5

‘1’ = terrible/wouldn’t get again to ‘5’ = excellent/a new staple in our Epcot food or drink trips. A ‘3’ may symbolize neutral (either one liked it & one didn’t or was comparable to versions outside of Epcot).

Courtesy of Park Troopers.


Ottawa Apple ($10.75) at Popcorn in Canada – Crown Royal Maple Whiskey, Apple Infusion, and Cranberry Juice. 

Rating: 5 – Delicious, flavorful, different, & a good amount of alcohol.

Poutine ($5.99) at Refreshment Port – French fries with Canadian cheddar cheese soup and cheese curds. 

Rating: 3 – Wasn’t bad, but wasn’t the best we’ve ever had, hence the neutral rating. I highly recommend The Daily Poutine at Disney Springs instead. They are completely different types of poutine.

United Kingdom 

Bass Ale Draft ($7.50) at Yorkshire County Fish Shop. 

Rating: 2 – We aren’t ‘ale’ people, so this wasn’t our cup of tea. It wasn’t terribly bad, but ale just simply isn’t our personal taste, so we did not like this.

Fish & Chips ($10.99) at Yorkshire County Fish Shop – Two strips of deep-fried fish served with chips (french fries). 

Rating: 3 – The fries were great, because for us, it’s really hard to mess up fries (our motto: if they aren’t cold, it’s good enough basically). The fish was good, yet the breading was very oily and it wasn’t as crispy as we had hoped.


Chocolate Crepe ($4.75) at Crepes des Chefs de France – Thin pastry with chocolate drizzle. 

Rating: 2 – We have been fortunate enough to try a crepe in Paris on vacation, so we had high hopes for this one at Epcot. It was fine to eat, but we may have liked it more if we didn’t try the one in Paris. This one was way more bland.

Macaron ($5.75) at Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie – Macaron with raspberry and lime cream. 

Review: 2 – This macaron was on the opposite spectrum as the crepe, because it was definitely not bland, but not in a good way. We both love sweets and have a high tolerance for sugary things, but this had a strange mix of way too much sweetness with a bit of sour. Eating this, plus being exposed to the sweltering Florida heat made our stomachs feel pretty bad.

Orange Slush ($10.75) at Les Vins des Chefs de France – Grand Marnier, Rum and Grey Goose Orange and Orange Juice. 

Review: 4 – Still a bit too sweet to give it a perfect score, but it still tasted pretty good! It felt somewhat refreshing on a warm day.

Courtesy of Kristen Sturdivant.


Habibi Daiquiri ($10.99) at Morocco Kiosk – Rum, Strawberry, and Orange Blossom Water. 

Review: 4 – Nice flavors, but the alcohol wasn’t very prevalent at all in this drink keeping it from a perfect score.

Merguez ‘Hot Dog’ Sausage ($6) at Taste of Marrakesh – Spicy beef and lamb with sauteed onions and green peppers. The menu changes frequently between this and Harissa Chicken Kebabs. 

Review: 3 – One of us liked this dish, while the other did not, so we gave this one a neutral rating. Lamb has a very distinct taste which is why one us didn’t like it, while the other enjoyed the mix of flavors.


Frushi (5.95) at Hanami – Fresh pineapple, strawberry and melon rolled with coconut rice, sprinkled with toasted coconut and whipped cream with raspberry sauce on the side. Typically only available during the Flower & Garden Festival and the Food & Wine Festival. 

Review: 4.5 – This is refreshing during the hot Florida days. Good mix of fruits. The only thing keeping it from a perfect score was the amount of coconut in the dish. One of us is not a fan of coconut.

Hot Sake ($6.50) at Kabuki Cafe. 

Review: 3 – Tastes like any other hot sake, which we are not fond of anyways, but thought we would try this pavilion’s hot sake for the experience.

USA/The American Adventure 

Frozen Red Stag Lemonade ($11) at Fife & Drum Tavern – Frozen lemonade made with Red Stag Black Cherry Bourbon. 

Review: 4.5 – Another delicious drink with good flavors. The only reason this didn’t receive a perfect score is because one of us felt it needed more alcohol.

Mickey Shaped Pretzel Served With Cheese Sauce ($6) at Fife & Drum Tavern. 

Review: 4.5 – A nice hot Mickey pretzel is absolutely delicious and it’s even better when it is paired with cheese sauce. The near perfect score is because the cheese sauce tasted a bit too processed compared to other’s we have had.


Pinot Grigio ($8) at Gelati.

Review: 4 – We are not wine connoisseurs by any means, but this white wine was actually pretty good. If we were wine drinkers, we would definitely drink this again, but also remember that wine is very subjective.


Jumbo Pretzel ($9.39) at Sommerfest. 

Review: 4.5 – Another pretzel you may ask? Yes, we love a good pretzel. This one didn’t receive perfect scores because there were no dipping sauces when we went. Unsure if that was because they ran out or don’t do that at this location.


All Beef Hot Dog Served With Chips ($8.49) at Refreshment Outpost. 

Review: 3* – It’s a hot dog with chips & tastes like a hot dog with chips. If you like that, you’ll like this. *Comparable to any other hot dog & chips outside of Epcot. We are still wondering if the outpost counts as a pavilion, but thought it should be included.

Courtesy of Renee Fisher.


BaiJoe Punch ($10.50) at Joy of Tea – Chinese Bai Ju Spirit, Lychee, Coconut, and Pineapple Juice. 

Rating: 1 – Probably the worst drink we’ve ever had at Disney. It tasted like flavored dishwater.

Kung Pao Chicken ($15.98) at Nine Dragons Restaurant – A saucy guest favorite – with peanuts and dried chili peppers. 

Review: 5 – Perfect amount of spicy and everything was cooked perfectly.

Nine Dragons Fried Rice ($15.98) at Nine Dragons Restaurant – Stir-fried with chicken, ham, eggs, and vegetables, topped with grilled shrimp. 

Review: 5 – I actually asked for no ham and no shrimp. Everything was cooked perfectly and tasted delicious. We both don’t think ham would be an appropriate ingredient for this dish.

Vegetable Spring Rolls ($4.98) at Nine Dragons Restaurant – Crispy spring rolls filled with fresh vegetables. 

Review: 5 – This, plus the dipping sauce it came with, were amazing. We really enjoyed these egg rolls.


School Bread ($3.49) at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe – Sweet cardamom bun filled with vanilla crème custard and topped with glazed and toasted coconut. 

Review: 3 – One of us liked it and the other did not which is why we gave it a neutral review. Good flavoring overall and the right amount of sweetness for one of us, yet the other felt the creme custard was a bit too sweet and the coconut was too prevalent.


Empanadas de Barbacoa ($9.75) at Choza de Margarita – Empanadas filled with barbacoa beef, topped with chipotle sauce, crema mexicana and queso fresco and served with a side of corn esquites. 

Review: 3 – As fans of mexican food (particularly with barbacoa), we had high hopes for this particular dish. It was good, not the best, but also not the worst. It was bit underwhelming in flavor for us.

Guava Pink Peppercorn Signature Margarita ‘On the Rocks’ ($14) at Choza de Margarita – Mezcal Zignum Reposado, Guava Nectar, Grapefruit Liqueur, Lime Juice, Peychaud’s Bitters and Pink Peppercorns. 

Review: 2 – We had high hopes after hearing how amazing the drinks were in the Mexico pavilion, but we found this particular margarita not to our liking. Unsure of if it was the peppercorns or the guava, but something in this drink was a bit off, creating an odd flavor with a very odd aftertaste.

TOTAL PRICE OF FOOD/DRINK TRIP FOR TWO: $203.48 (before tax)* 

*Side note: Some, but not all, kiosks included tax in the displayed price. We are unsure why some places include tax in the display price, while others add it on later. Also, this total included one table service lunch w/ appetizer (Nine Dragons Restaurant). The rest were quick service restaurants or kiosks. We did not include any bottled water that we purchased ($3/each) in the total price. If you bring your own refillable water bottles, there are places to refill them for free throughout the park. These prices reflect costs at time of posting of this article.

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